Web Design in Lancaster OH

Web Design in Lancaster OH


Interest in photography for website design in Lancaster OH has exploded in the last ten years, mainly thanks to the advancements in digital photography.  Once you have acquired a quality digital setup, the economical limitations of movie and development costs are removed. The true advance of digital technology is the expense of photography is now virtually zero after the initial purchase.

Along with one of these developments in photography is the concurrent development of the Web and Website design. Ten years ago websites were mainly HTML powered constructions which made it nearly impossible for the novice to even think about web design.

Today, modern photographers have amazing economical and user friendly software at their disposal; for example Flash, WordPress and DreamWeaver which to develop their websites. Photographers now have the potential to sell their work through photograph archives which include Alamy and iStockPhoto and through online site like ImageKind or PhotoShelter. This enables the website designer the opportunity of purchasing unique content for each site build.

The result is that photographers and web designers are locating exciting and new methods to showcase their best work online. This synergistic approach has really “upped” the website design game, especially in the last few years.  However, for foolproof results as well as enjoying the latest in product developments and technology advances, it is always advisable to consult the expertise of a trusted web design professional. PixyfyMedia highly recommends the professionals at websitedesignincolumbusohio.com for all your website needs!

Web Design Lancaster Ohio

Italian Stallion: The Manfrotto PIXI

Manfrotta PIXIThe Manfrotto PIXI is the best miniature tripod for CSC’s otherwise known as “Compact System Camera’s.” It’s been built to meet the requirements for consumers and web designers that are seeking camera support that’s mobile, lightweight and simple to work with.

The PIXI is ideal for reaching difficult to get shots that are a must for your latest web video while keeping your camera secure. Shut it down by the legs and put it to use as a comfortable handle to shoot amazing videos that stand out of the group.

PIXI exhibits minimalism fashion at its finest that is undeniably Italian. It is made from Adapto and stainless steel for a tactile finish as well as high quality. With this particular strong building, it offers a safe base in every scenario as well as the rubber feet ensure a steady and skid-free purchase on any surface.Manfrotta PIXI 2The newest push button (feature) mechanism allows you to place and lock the ball head in a single movement that is convenient, quick and instinctive.

DSLR Compatibility

PIXI is created for entry level DSLRs meeting these fundamental necessities. Complete gear payload comes in at a maximum 1kg/2.2lbs. Please note that most semi-professional professional and gear surpasses these demands.Manfrotta PIXI 2Maintenance

In order to protect and to conserve its first color, PIXI’s manufacturer recommends cleaning it using a normal pencil eraser that is white. Yes, you read that right a pencil eraser as water or general household cleaners could damage the finish.


For sheer “Bang for the Buck,” the Manfrotto PIXI delivers. If you’ve ever longed for Italian engineering and cannot afford a Ferrari, this is your chance to experience, functional, modern and sleek Italian design! Happy “Tri-Poding” from www.pixifymedia.com!Manfrotta PIXI 4

Web Design in Black and White

B&W Gif

Black and White photography isn’t just an effect of old technology of a bygone age.   Black and White is a technique that we can use now to improve our photography and web design.  With black and white photography, we are given the “retro power” to view the planet (aka worldwide web) beyond colors.  With black and white photography, dispositions can be controlled by the skilled designer to impart a strategic impact that sets yourself apart from the competitive field .

With black and white photography, we can emphasize details we usually wouldn’t see in color.  Finally, with black and white photography, this is a technique that may actually improve our ability to tell our story through vision.  Yet, unlike color photography, a lot people have trouble creating powerful or artsy black and white photographs.

Many will argue that the wonderful thing about Back and White photography is there is really no right way, just a lot of wrong ones for shooting photos.  Throw out the rule book for photography and experiment with a new medium; Black and White photography in general.  Don’t be concerned about “Breaking the Rules” and “Find Your Own style!”

Now, go get that favorite digital camera and ready your photo editing software program.   Need some inspiration?  Don’t be afraid to use the photos below to expand your horizons and grow your portfolio:

Fiat 500 Black and White


Awesome Grandma Black and White

B&W Ballet

Black And White Kids Jumping

Black and White Model

Black and White Image 1

black and white photo children

Digital Photography: Game Changer!


Few inventions can lay claim to radically changing the way we live and preserve our memories.   Digital photography makes this all possible! Kodak produced the first model (pictured below) which, quickly took tech world by storm.   Nearly every camera manufacturer tried to play catch up by making better and smaller model with varying degrees of features and success.

First Digital Camera

The digital camera (camera phones are another article altogether) innovation made photography more accessible and affordable to consumers.   Plus would the term “Selfie” mean anything without digital camera technology?!

What about the internet?  Can you imagine the internet without digital photography and/or video?  Blasphemy you say!  Try designing a website or blog without this technology.  Impossible!

Digital photography enables immediate gratification as well as the ability to make tweak adjustments with ease.  Try doing that with your old “point and shoot” or 35mm Nikon!  Digital photography has forever transformed how individuals share their photos.   through the use of digital information which can be transformed, sent via email, or shared through the world wide web.

Digital photography removed the requirement for chemical processing that was the standard with film cameras.  Instead, pictures may be transferred to your computer for processing and printing at will.  Top this off with the ability to archive these memories to disk or Seagate hard drive.  For the savvy shooter, numerous programs designed for photo editing are at your disposal to take your photography game to another level.

Image quality is usually quantified in pixel count, which will be the measure of single points that constitute the picture  and the sharpness of the picture aka resolution.  Simple point and shoot cameras also can take images that are worthy of printing.   However, they usually do not achieve the exact same image quality of DSLR cameras.

Another crucial advantage to digital photography LCDs, or is the access to Liquid Crystal Displays.  A user can immediately see whether the picture came out nicely and if not, delete, then take another picture instantly with little extra effort!  This display makes digital cameras particularly versatile.   Before digital the photographer was left mostly to her or his own abilities to make sure the picture came out right.  The photographer had to shoot from their own experience and trust in their abilities to ensure that the “developed” photos were as planned after processing.

Digital photography also makes it possible for the ISO settings  Gone are the days of 100, 200, 400, 800  speed film!  How many times did wonder if you had the correct speed film for the application?  How many times did you wait for your packet of photos to arrive and wonder why you even bothered having them printed?   Rather than go on and on about the wonders of digital photography, please allow us the opportunity of sharing this most informative video:

In closing, Digital Photography was indeed a game changer for the positive. . .  the jury is still out on all those “Selfies,” though! 😉


Pixifi: Photography Client Management Software

wedding photographer

Services like Pixifi are occasionally overlooked by photographers and studio managment professionals. Many are reluctant to pay the monthly fee at first but, based on industry feedback, it has proved to be worth every penny!  Rest assured, Pixifi is a whole lot of software for the money.

It’s possible for you to run photography workshops out of it, send clients on-line contracts, send clients surveys, invoice clients online so they can easily and quickly pay you with a credit card.

There is also a built in calendar system that one can link to your personal google calendar.  How convenient to have your photography events easily available to you by smartphone. This calendar can also be shown to prospective customers if you are booked and for them to see best available next option(s).

Bookkeeping is now a snap (pun intended) as it is possible to keep track and record your day to day as well as printing out year end totals.  It’s possible for you to use Pixifi as a whole client communication system and run all of inquires and emails through the program.

One can even make a complete storefront with pertinent information, packages and your pricing .  Clients add to their cart, can simply click, and order.

For those who main focus is more focused on weddings and related, you are now able to keep their contact information all and correlate them with your clients and leads.  Eventually, you can create an internal task list as an alternative to utilizing lots of sticky notes. Talk about “One Stop Shopping!”

Being able to put Pixifi into use as a client database, invoicing, contracts, and surveys system is most my principal use.  The something that is simple is the more time it saves. The ease of use and time it saves is worth every penny. Yes, no matter what, “Time is Money!

On the flip side, what really matters most is the convenience to customers.  Many photographers have noted how this program has facilitated booking, payment, and signing of contracts, instantly.

In closing, it has been highly recommend that every serious photographer take advantage of the (now) 60 Day Free Trial of Pixifi.  After the trial period is over, it’s well worth the $24.99/Essential to $49.99/Studio PRO  per month.  Their customer service is top notch and many satisfied users have shared their excellent experience with this software.  If all else fails, Pixifi software has an active Facebook community where members are quick to assist in answering all of your questions.